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wannabe writer or whtvr

who the hecc am i

your typical self-proclaimed grungy teenager who writes books because she's not social enough to go outside.

writing tingz

  • my books will never include smut or anything explicit.

  • I'm pretty good at consistently updating so if I'm not, assume I'm busy and just wait LOL

  • I'm big on mental health and it's prominent in my books. Stigmatizing language will NOT be tolerated

  • Any hate towards any other groups (racism, homophobia, etc.) will also not be tolerated

  • I accept constructive criticism so feel free to leave some tips :) (but plz be nice I'm sensitive lol)


Please reach out if you feel that you need help. You are worthy of it.

my writing :0

additional content B)

i'm a youtuber !!! (i might also stream on twitch hmmm)